Project Dessert

Started going Through a 200 page dessert book 1-at-a-time daily until i got to #80 and the recipes were getting horrible so #100-#200 will be desserts i find that look interesting to make...enjoy!

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Price to make: $14.24

Yield: Trifle Bowl

Time: Prep – 22 minutes, Cook – 35 minutes


1 box Duncan Hines brownie mix

  • Follow box directions and bake in two 9 inch round pans.

1 1/2 cups marshmallow fluff

2 1/2 bars Rosemarie chocolate

1/2 cup coffee whitener

8oz whip topping

  • Mix together first three ingredients.
  • In another bowl, whip up the whip topping.
  • In a trifle bowl, place one layer of brownie cake, followed by a layer of the mousse and then a layer of whipped topping.
  • Then repeat: brownie cake, mousse and topping.
  • Refrigerate.

Tips: To make the mousse, break up the chocolate and place in a pot with a low flame. Once melted add coffee whitener and then marshmallow fluff. Keep mixing until a smooth consistency. Cool off before pouring into the trifle bowl or it will melt the whipped topping.

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